Varjus Consulting provides wide variety of differet IT services. Below you may find a list of typical assignments for Varjus Consulting.

Customer Intelligence Expertise

More and more companies are looking more closely towards their customerbase instead of their products and services when making the critical business decisions about the future. Some of these companies have taken, or are planning to take, a strategic shift to become customer oriented, or in sopme cases, information driven companies. During his 15 years of career within the CRM Jussi has been helping several companies in taking their first steps in becoming customer oriented company. Jussi's expert help can be used in planning and weighting the options in taking the very first steps within Customer Intelligence, or his help can be utilised in visioning and planning the next steps in excelling within the Customer Intelligence.

Tutoring DM analysts

Analysts tend to work quite alone and under hard timepressures within the companies. They seldom have time for planning different possibilities for running the analysis and end up re-running the existing analysis over and over again. Jussi has been used several times as a "tutor" for more junior analysts. This service also provides the additional benefit of having a second opinion for the analysis and giving analysts more comfort with their choises.

Analyst for Hire

Jussi comes with the wealth of experience in several diffferent kinds of data mining and demand forecasting analysis. Jussi can be used to ease the load of the company's own analysts for example if their time is needed somewhere else or during their absence otherwise. This service also an option if some new analysis would need to be performed and company's own analyst are pre-occupied with the current set of analysis.


As companies are building their BICC's (Business Intelligence Competence Center) or BACC's (Business Analytics Competence Centers) they nowadays tend to look for some external resource/s to help them. These external experts can help BICC's by providing second opinions, knowledge on different best practices or simply by running some analysis. Jussi's strong technical background enables him to both design and also implement the planned analyses.

Get all out of you SAS investment

It is all too often that companies do not utilise the licensed a SAS solution to its full potential. There are many occasions when companies are simply wasting money on completely new software as they are un-aware of all the possibilities that their existing SAS investment can do. Once the first SAS softwere has been implemented within the company it typically provides good possibilities to add some extra functionality with minimal additional cost.

Analytical Data Mart

It is said that 80% of the analyst's time is spent on the data preparation instead of running the actual data mining analysis. Many times this is simply waste of time and money as analyst's expertice is in the analytics, not in ETL. Jussi's long experience in running and designing the data mining analysis combined with his technical understanding allows him to plan the analytical environments within the companies in a way that allows analysts to concentrate more in performing the actual analysis. This is achieved through an automatically updated analytical data mart.