SAS Enterprise Guide

I have finally decided to use the SAS Enterprise Guide instead of SAS Program editor for all the development work I do. And more I use it the more I like it. It is nice environment for the novices to start developing with SAS, as it has nice - intuitive - graphical user interface. And it is very nice for generating graphs even for an experienced SAS developer. And then again, you can any time open a SAS Program- object into the SAS Enterprise Guide project and code as you used to...

Like I said, I've almost completelty changed to SAS Enterprise Guide environment with all me SAS relaed work and it is working fine for me. I try to use the available tasks as much as possible, and only switch to the SAS code when there is not suitable tasks, or the use of tasks would result into very complicated projects.

But, there is a set of tasks that I am missing with SAS Enterprise Guide that seems to re-appear in all my projects. So, I've created some "easy-to-use" SAS Programs that you can easily drop into your SAS Enterprise Guide project. These codes are now here available for you, too. Download and enjoy! They are provided here free, "as-is", without any kinds of quarantees or responsibilites. If they do not work for you, please let me know! But, I do not promise to fix them.... Sorry!